Anne Ryan Miller Glass Studio
The pieces represented on these pages are constructed mostly of hand-blown glass. I love this glass, it is so alive. The colors and textures are numerous. This glass glows with transparency and vitality. I often use hand or machine rolled glass in conjunction with the hand-blown glass. The differing transparencies and textures can make for interesting contrast. They can be very effectively used together.

Most of the pieces shown here are sold at this time, but can be more or less replicated and/or redesigned. Please see the CUSTOM WORK page and/or contact me for more information about having something designed for you.

Because of the ever increasing cost of fuel and metals, the prices on these pages may fluctuate with the markets.
Flat Glass Gallery

A Stones Throw
17X32 • $955
American Lotus
17X32 • $1100
Autumn Leaves
17X34 • $1100
28X20 • $1100
Diamond Trillium
20X20 • $900
Great Egret Breeding Plumage
28X20 • $895
Heartful Living
28X20 • $1200
Short Poppies
16X24 • $895
Tall Iris
16X30 • $925
Tall Poppies
16X31 • $975
Trillium Recurvatum
15X22 • $825
34X18 • $1795
water lotus
beveled Floating Leaves
Water Lotus
22X18 • $895
Beveled Floating Leaves
10.25X32.25 • $750 • 812-988-9766 • 812-325-7485 (cell)
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