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The technique I work with is so unusual, that I like to explain it to people who have not seen my work in person. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of what I do. The images I’ve included on this website are representative of my work, but I have many, many more designs and design styles than just those shown.

The designs on my metal overlay and non-metal overlay pages are part of my limited production line. They are not numbered as in prints but have a very limited production life. You can order a design as shown or with any color combination of glass, and/or you can order something that is a modification of any shown design.

You can also request custom designing specifically with your needs in mind. This can be related to designs shown or can be a unique concept.

"I own three styles of Anne's work and love them all. The lamp constantly gets compliments and sheds a nice glow and is a conversation piece at parties and intimate gatherings. My husband gave me one of the metal pond scenes in lovely pinks and yellows. It is one of the first things I see in the morning and last at night and adds a bit of calming tranquility if I take the time to contemplate it. My favorite piece is the blowing oak leaves in subtle colors that hang in a long window up our stairway, framed behind by real oak trees. It is a wonderful testament to how art and nature can and do go together."

Pam Raider, Nashville, IN

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Let me briefly describe how I use the metal overlay technique, so that you might better know what you are looking at.

Step 1: I start out by going directly to the sheet glass manufacturer. I pull many sheets of glass out, looking for the most interesting of sheets. These then become the background or “canvas” for the metal overlay work. Each sheet has it’s own individual characteristics, which makes each piece made uniquely individual.

Step 2: Each design is hand-drawn on the glass. I then cut the metal with an x-acto blade. I apply metal to both sides of the stained glass. This creates a very strong silhouette effect on the front of the glass, and by the diffusion of light around the metal that is on the back, a very misty or distant effect is achieved.

Step 3: After cutting the metal on both sides, I then solder it. I do this to build texture and interest on the surface of the metal.

Step 4: After soldering the metal, I patina the surface with copper, bronze and blue/black tones. The piece is then bordered with colored glass. Usually, a brass coated 1/4” metal border is put on to frame the piece.

Multiple Layers

I also do multi-layered work, as you can see by the boxed pieces within the website galleries. Basically, it is the same technique, but by using several layers of glass, I can strengthen the fore- and middle grounds. These pieces have 2 - 5 layers of glass. Each layer is separated within the frame, leaving about 3/4” space between each layer. This gives the work a very dimensional overall effect.

"The very first time I saw Anne's work displayed, I went right in and
bought the piece. I never measured, didn't ask the price, I just bought it.
Since then I have been lucky enough to acquire many more beautiful pieces of hers. All are different. Some are whimsical, some spiritual and some very deep. The one thing that they all share in common is that they will touch your heart."

Linda Alis Bloomington, IN

Custom and One -of-a-Kind

In my custom work and one-of-a-kind work, I can also incorporate sandblasting and painting techniques. In the sandblasting technique, I also use multiple layers of glass, sandblasting all the faces of the glass and then hand-rubbing paints into the sandblast, leaving a soft color, kind of like a watercolor effect. Then, by stacking the layers up against each other, I can achieve color and dimensional depth. Finally, as shown on the Flat Glass Gallery Page, I also construct more traditional (Tiffany copper foil construction technique) stained glass pictures.
Commissioned Work

When considering commissioned work, you and I will talk about style and motif, preference of technique, colors and dimensions. I might request images of your space and some of the other acquisitions you have that might reflect the style of stained glass you are interested in.

Commissioning work from a distance is easy. I will send you small sketches for your feedback and from that I will develop full-scale drawings and send samples for your approval. I request a design deposit which varies with the scope of the commission. Upon receipt of the deposit, I will begin the design process.

Shipping & Handling

Shipping is usually done via FedEX or UPS, but larger pieces can be shipped and insured via commercial carrier. Hand delivery is possible to some areas.

Please contact me with any questions you might have about custom designed stained glass.

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Please inquire about having a special commission made with your interests and specifics in mind! • 812-988-9766 • 812-325-7485 (cell)
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