Anne Ryan Miller Glass Studio
Over the years I have produced many, many pieces for private residences. Some are large pieces or multiple installations. Some are simply uniquely special and original designs for individuals. These are just a few examples of commissioned work.

I would be happy to design something beautiful and meaningful for your home or as a unique gift.
Residential Gallery

Best Friends 2
Best Friends 3
Beveled Leaves
Beveled Quilt
Beveled Window
Capitol Overview
Chinese Dragon
Daylilys and Clematis
Fox in the Moonlight
Heron Rookery
Morninglories 2
Morninglories 3
Morninglories Bay Window
Mystical Star
Oak Leaf Transom
Oak Leaves and Acorns
Stones Throw Transom
Sycamore and Heron
Through the Mist
Torrey Pines
Transom of Leaves
Tulip Tree and Bluebirds
Wild Turkeys
Maple Leaf Chandelier
Virginia Creeper
Oak Leaves, Redbuds and Birds
artic scene
oregon coast
entryway Florida
Amalfi Coast
Artic Scene With Penguins
Oregon Coast
Entryway Florida
powder room
master bath1
master bath2
master bath detail
Powder Room Florida
Master Bath Florida
Master Bath Detail1
Master Bath Detail 2
indiana nature 1
Indiana Nature
Indiana Nature
Indiana Nature
Indiana Nature
Egret 2010
Large Mouth Bass 2010
Tulip Poplar Leaves and Flowers 2010
Jenny Lake, Tetons
Trees and Reflections
Arts & Crafts Ginko Leaf
Jenny Lake • 812-988-9766 • 812-325-7485 (cell)
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