Anne Ryan Miller Glass Studio
This page reflects just a sampling of the many unique, non-commissioned pieces that I have made over the years. These are pieces whose concepts have moved me to try to create something that has timeless beauty and reflects the ethereal quality I find in the natural world.

Because of the ever increasing cost of fuel and metals, the prices on these pages may fluctuate with the markets.
Unique Gallery

Floating Leaves
10X32 • $795
Homage to Santa Fe
Through the Mist
Trillium Recurvatum
15X22 • $825
Water Flow
34X18 • $1795
White FloweringTrillium
Last Light
18X20 • $1,100
Moon Rise
18X28 • $1,275
Volcanic Visions
24X17 • $1,100 • 812-988-9766 • 812-325-7485 (cell)
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